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Aveos LogoAveos is a leading, full-service maintenance, repair and overhaul ("MRO") service provider to the airline industry in the Americas (North, Central, and South America). The Company offers one of the broadest service portfolios in the Americas' commercial MRO industry including: heavy maintenance (including comprehensive C and D airframe checks, shorter phase airframe inspections and paint services); engine maintenance (including quick engine change services, and auxiliary power units repairs), component maintenance (including wheels and brakes, avionics, pneumatics, hydraulics, fuel, electrical, instrumentation, and landing gear), and ancillary services (including supply chain management services such as demand planning, inventory management, sourcing management, supply management, and logistics management). 

Originally formed in 1937 as the in-house maintenance division of Air Canada, Aveos has served non-Air Canada customers since 1968. Over its extensive 70-year history, the Company has developed an industry-wide reputation for exceptional quality, which is a critical requirement for airline customers for whom safety is a paramount consideration. In recent years, the Company has leveraged this reputation to significantly grow its non-Air Canada customer base, while maintaining a strong relationship with Air Canada as its primary MRO provider. In December 2006, Aveos reached an agreement to acquire 80% of AEROMAN, the MRO affiliate of Taca Airlines, one of Central America's largest airlines. AEROMAN, the leading narrow body MRO provider in Central America, provides ACTS with a strategically valuable low cost platform from which it can service narrow body aircraft from throughout the Americas region.


Airframe maintenance:   

Heavy maintenance (all letter checks), aircraft modifications, cabin conversions, aircraft painting, SSI, CPCP, Landing gear changes. 

Aircraft types: A310, A320 family, A330/A340, B737, B767, CRJ

Component maintenance:   

Avionics, Instruments & Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Fuel Systems, Landing Gears, Safety, Wheels&Brakes.

Aircraft types: A310, A320 family, A330/A340, B737, B747, B767, CRJ

Engine maintenance:   

Complete maintenance, repair and overhaul services on CFM56, CF34, PW4000, and JT9D. Other services include on-wing support, Quick Engine Change, thrust reversers, APU (GTCP36-300), and engine components repairs. 

Specialized services:   

Technical training, fleet management, engineering, technical records and publication services, material management, NDT, composite repairs.

Quality Standards:    TC, FAA, JAA  

Total Employees:   5000   

Key Contacts:  

Pascale Lambert, Manager, Marketing

Tel.: (514) 856-7172
Toll-free: 1-866-833-3033
Fax: (514) 856-7427
E-mail: info@aveos.com